Updating Your Financial Projections: Strategies & Tips to Successfully Project Your Business

The ongoing pandemic forced business to re-evaluate their future financial positioning. Learn how to devise a plan to act and reach your goals based on past performance and analysis.
The Small Business Administration provided two programs, the Paycheck Protection Plan and the (PPP) and Economic the Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL). What are these programs, and how do we prepare to apply for the aid?
Business owners needed to address a bevy of issues. Their teams play an integral role in a business and they are stressed due to the uncertainty. Learn how manage the mood of the team during this pandemic.
Pivoting involves the dramatic shift in policy, position, and/or strategy. Did the Pandemic create pivoting opportunities? Yes! The question is, how did you pivot and what else could you do to leverage the new opportunities within your business.
There are 4 important key performance indicators for any business. These KPI’s provides business the story in their numbers. The ongoing 2020 Pandemic has certainly changed the story of the business!
According to Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) they estimate that 66% of Americans lack financial literacy. One can infer, by improving financial literacy improves better decision making in business. The pandemic required us to adapt and pivot, having sound financial literacy as part of our business skill set helps us make those hard decisions.
Over the past year, business needed to adapt and pivot. The first place this effort starts is in your business plan. Having a robust pivoting strategy requires not just having a business plan, but having well developed business plan.
From personal and business outcomes that naturally impact our daily lives, re-setting goals is something we need to address more thoughtfully and strategically. We will discuss the process of re-setting our goals premised upon our actual experiences and converting those into our business.